Most Important Things to Consider When Buying Flowers

Before you buy a bouquet at a florist, you need to consider certain things to get the best flowers possible. Unfortunately, there are still people who sell flowers that are already withering or grown with the wrong usage of gardening products. To make sure you are getting the best flowers at the market, there are 6 main things to think about.

6 Things to Pay Attention to Before Buying Flowers

    1. Ask about the products used while the flowers were growing. Every professional florist will buy flowers from gardeners that use the proper products to improve the growth of flowers. It’s important that the right products are used, as the flowers will stay at your house or the house of your loved one for some time.
    2. Look at the petals of the flowers to see whether they are fresh enough. If there are any dry black or brown spots, the flower can’t be fresh and it was cut wrong. This can tell you only one thing – the florist isn’t professional, and it’s better to move on. Such flowers will die very soon after you purchase them, and you need to look for something worth your money.
    3. Inspect the bulbs and stems – don’t hesitate to look at the flowers from all sides. At the moment of purchase the stems have to be wet, which will indicate that the flowers were hydrated well. As for the bulbs, look for some that didn’t bloom completely yet – it means they will bloom fully at home and live there for a longer time. The exception is if you need flowers for a party that will take place the same evening – then it’s better to buy flowers that are open.
    4. Choose seasonal flowers if possible – this will make you sure no potentially toxic products were used to keep them alive. Seasonal flowers also need gardening products, but only the ones beneficial to the environment. The flowers that bloom in season are cheaper and longer lasting, which adds great advantages for you as for a buyer. Of course, these days many flowers are grown underneath artificial grow lights, like T5 fluorescent tubes or LED lights. These are generally fine to buy in any season.
  1. Don’t be guided by the color of the flowers, as they are often unpredictable. Flowers can change their color with time, so when you are going to a florist, don’t think of the color, think of the flower. Orchids are especially susceptible to this.
  2. There are days when white roses look the best, but there are also days when they look grey or have dark spots on them. Don’t force yourself to buy those roses just because you’ve decided you wanted them.
  3. Think of the place the flowers will be placed at – both the room and the vase. Will they fit inside the vase? Will they correlate with the design of the room? Where will they be placed? Think of all those things if you know them beforehand, and if you don’t – buy something of your liking.


Make these 6 things your guide every time you go to a florist to buy flowers. These rules will never disappoint you, and you will be able to find the best florist using them. Choose seasonal, ask questions, inspect the flowers – and you will always be the winner.

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