Tea And Hammocks Are Perfect For Enjoying Your Garden

relaxing in hammock in garden

When you imagine pure bliss and relaxation, what do you see?

For me, I see myself swinging from between two trees in a hammock on a warm summer’s evening with a hot cup of tea in my hand.

relaxing in hammock in garden
This is a Mayan hammock in a garden

I know I’ve previously mentioned adding a gazebo to my orchid garden so I could watch the orchids from a nice relaxing spot. I also wanted to keep an eye on my new tea garden. But I quickly realized that, while the gazebo is wonderful, it is a little hard, even with cushions. It just isn’t as relaxing as it could be.

But a hammock is relaxing. In fact, I would argue that nothing is more relaxing than a hammock. Some people might say a bed, but I actually feel a hammock is more comfortable than a bed. In a bed you still feel pressure from below on your body. That is why people get bed sores if they lie in bed too long in the same position. You cannot get those kind of sores in a hammock. A hammock exerts the same amount of pressure on every part of your body that touches it, so there is no spot where more pressure is being exerted. Thus, you don’t get sores.

Swinging in a hammock is as close as you can get to floating in the air. It is as close as you can get to weightlessness. Knowing all this, I’m surprised that I didn’t think of getting a hammock before. I think it would even work well in an indoor garden under LED grow lights or similar horticultural lighting. But obviously, feeling the real sun on your face is preferable.

Little did I know that I would eventually miss that light and no longer ever feel as relaxed again. I came back to add this paragraph after I was robbed and had to outfit my whole garden with spy cameras for security against future theft. I spent a lot on that security camera system, but it is worth it for the peace of mind. Anyway, back to the point at hand.

Now that I did decide to get a hammock, I needed to choose which one. I’ve been reading up and there so many different types of hammocks. I found a great buying guide that helps you choose the right hammock and it helped me out a lot. I learned about things like tree tents and cacoon pods, but in the end I decided to go with the regular hammock.

enjoying cup of tea in parachute hammock
This is a parachute hammock

I still had to choose among Mayan hammocks or Brazilian hammocks or Nicaraguan hammocks or just plain old parachute hammocks. The one hammock I didn’t want is the one I actually pictured in the beginning. That is the rope hammock. It turns out it is the most uncomfortable of all the hammocks and I actually knew that to be true. Whenever I was in a rope hammock, I would soon start to feel uncomfortable after 20 minutes or so. In a real hammock, you do not start to feel that feeling of discomfort.

After my research, I ended up going with a Mayan hammock. I chose a brand called Warimba. They are very expensive, probably the most expensive Mayan hammocks on the market. But they are absolutely gorgeous and make a perfect fit for my garden. I wanted something that is not only comfortable but also beautiful and these handcrafted Mayan hammocks fit the bill perfectly.

If you have a garden, you owe it to yourself to get yourself a hammock to truly enjoy that garden. Think of yourself with a nice cup of tea, be it green tea, black tea, white tea or any other kind of tea, and gazing out at your orchids or your other flowers in your beautiful garden. This is the hammock lifestyle.

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