A Spy Camera System For My Orchid Garden

security camera in a garden

Security is vital to an orchid garden. Actually, security is vital for anything these days. If you have anything of even a slightly significant value, you can be sure that someone is going to try to take that away from you. That is just how the world is.

And I shouldn’t say these days. That is how the world has always been. Thieves have always existed and security companies have always tried to stop them from stealing from us.

The reason for this topic is a break and I had recently. That break-in spurred me to buy a security camera system. I bought it online from a place called Spy Cameras Reviewed. Actually, I didn’t buy it from them, but I chose it after reading all of the info about various security cameras and drones and so on on their website. They have a ton of informative reviews that really helped out.

security camera in a garden

I have to admit, the name threw me at first. I thought they would only have spy cameras, which are cool, don’t get me wrong, but just not what I needed. But it turns out they actually have more security cameras than anything else. Perhaps “spy camera” is another way to refer to a security camera. I have no idea. The point it, don’t let the name fool you. They have security cameras as well as spy cameras, plus a bunch of other home security stuff and even drones.

Anyway, I digress. The break-in happened in the garden I wrote about recently. The one where I mentioned growing orchids indoors with LED grow lights. And that is what they stole. One of my very expensive LED grow lights, along with a record player I kept in their so I could listen to music while I enjoyed my garden with some tea. I guess I should be thankful they did not harm my orchids, but that light did cost a lot. Luckily it was insured, but I don’t want to have to deal with this again.

That is why I bought a security system. It includes several cameras, sensors on the doors and windows and a monitoring system for the whole thing. It was not cheap, but it was reasonable and I feel much safer now. After the break-in, I no longer found it as relaxing as before to have a cup of tea in my orchid garden. Even though I knew no one would break in there during the daytime, I still felt uneasy.

And that is perhaps the most important function of a security system. It is not to catch intruders at all. More than that it is to keep them out, by scaring them off. But even more than that, it is to provide us peace of mind. Just having those cameras counts for a lot and makes me feel much safer in my orchid and tea garden.

One thing I noticed when I was on the spy¬† cameras reviewed website is that they also have a lot of fake cameras. These are obviously much cheaper, because they’re basically just the camera housing. There’s nothing inside. This is used as a deterrent and is probably quite effective. I opted for the actual real system, but I did consider this.

spy camera

Then there also a ton of little spy cameras, as the website name implies. These are really cool. You can easily conceal them just about anywhere. Most of them look like common household objects, so you might never know they are there. They can look like smoke detectors, they can be hidden in a teddy bear, a.k.a. the infamous nanny cam, or in many other normal everyday items. Then they have drones and door and window sensors and all kinds of other home security stuff.

Of course, when I say “have”, I mean they review it. They don’t actually sell anything themselves, which I like. That means they are impartial. Unless they are being paid by a brand, but I did not get that sense at all. The seemed trustworthy reviewers.

Anyway, I will head back to my newly secure and camera-surrounded orchid and tea garden to relax and enjoy it as I always have. Thanks to my new spy (aka security) cameras!


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